Trusted Traveler Program: What is Canada Trusted Traveler Program and Why Choose it?

Discover the Canada Trusted Traveler Program, also known as Nexus, a joint initiative between Canada and the US aimed at facilitating efficient travel. Established by the Federal Government, it caters to uniformed service members aged 16 and above, Department of Defense (DOD) employees, US citizens, and other eligible individuals. This federal program streamlines screening processes … Read more

Carbon Tax Rebate Updates: Payment Amount, Eligibility, How to Claim, Dates

As of 2022, Canada accounted for approximately 2% of global carbon emissions. The introduction of the Carbon Tax Rebate has played a crucial role in mitigating these emissions by encouraging reduced fossil fuel usage. Carbon Tax Rebate Updates Acknowledging the urgent need to combat global warming, Canada has increased its federal carbon price from $65 … Read more

Benefit Payment Dates 2024: Type of Benefit Payments in Canada and When to get it

The Government of Canada offers various types of benefits to its citizens, such as Employment Insurance benefits, public pensions, housing benefits, disability benefits, and more. These programs provide financial assistance and support to Canadians in different aspects of their lives. Canada Benefit Payment Dates 2024 In this article, we will share essential information regarding benefit … Read more

OAS Payment Increase to $1867 Per Month Starting from 2024? Fact Check

There are claims circulating about an increase in Old Age Security (OAS) payments to $1867 per month starting January 1, 2024. This increase aims to help retirees manage their living expenses better. The OAS payment increase is intended to support citizens in managing their total expenses after retirement effectively. OAS Payment Increase to $1867 Per … Read more

Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $199K – 5 Others Valued Over $88 Million USD

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